Al-khair Coalition for Humanitarian Relief Program

22 10 / 2017


Programs / Al-khair Coalition for Humanitarian Relief Program

Al-awn Foundation For development has actively initiated the establishment of Al-khair Coalition for Humanitarian relief in Hadhramout Governorate to bear a heavy responsibility in providing the emergent aids , to prove its deep interest in assisting needy people and to express loyalty towards the refugees and the brothers affected by the bad living conditions due to the running civil war who lived disastrous humanitarian living conditions in which no one knows except Allah Al-mighty so it was a great duty to relieve their suffering even a little . By such humanitarian initiative Al-khair Coalition For Humanitarian Relief became the first respondent for the calls of relief sent by the needy people in different governorates all over Yemen . Al-khair Coalition for Humanitarin Relief became the fastest entity in responding to humanitarian duty as it truly forms a very clear image for the size of the humanitarian disaster which was caused by the civil war which led to demolition of the general infra-structure in different governorates and led to appearance of many affected and needy people who really need security , food and shelter .