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The portable laboratories of Sciences & Mathematics

  • نبذة عن المشروع :

    This project aims to cover the basic needs in the public education schools that need practical means to apply the necessary knowledge in this stage by providing portable labs that are created by some professors and teachers in the technical guidance department at the education ministry office in the desert and Al-wadi Districts , the idea of the portable labs for the mathematics & sciences subjects was generated as a result of studies and proposals that were presented in this field . the ideas focuses to provide all necessary materials and equipment that are required to carry out the essential experiments as well as to explain the complex theories and make it more simple for the minds of the students . These laboratories are locally made and 90 % of the used materials inside the labs are made of the raw materials of the local environment which is extremely money-saving and this will implant great values capabilities in our students on how to make use of the local wealth in the different life scopes . .

  • تكلفة المشروع :

    360000 $

  • الفئة المستفيدة :

    Basic Education Schools

  • مكان التنفيذ :

    Republic Of Yemen

  • الجهة المنفذة :

    Ministry of education

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