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School Libraries For the Secondary Education In Hadhramout

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    This project mainly aims to provide model Libraries in some Secondary Schools in Hadhramout in order to encourage reading among students and extend their culture , to implant the greatest habits and behaviours for seeking the information from the its reference , encouraging the spirit of competition , creativity and innovation of the educational performance plus increasing the level of knowledge . Providing important references for the teachers so as to enrich their knowledge in the fields that they are interested in ,at the recent time ten school libraries were provided and established in eight secondary schools in Hadhramout : four libraries were provided in the coastal area of Hadhramout including four secondary schools in Mukalla city : Belquis Secondary School , Bin-Shahab Secondary School , Al-meena Secondary School , Rokub Secondary School and Bin-Mahfoudh secondary School ) other four school libraries were provided and established in the valley and desert area of Hadhramout including : Al-ghuraf Secondary school for girls , Omer Bin-Alkhattab Secondary School in Tareem district , Tareem secondary School For boys , Al-qatan Secondary School for boys plus Jamal Abdulnasser Secondary School in Sana'a .

  • تكلفة المشروع :

    98830 $

  • الفئة المستفيدة :

    Secondary Schools in Yemen

  • مكان التنفيذ :

    Republic Of Yemen

  • الجهة المنفذة :

    Ministry Of Education

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