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Training course in Midwifery

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    Education process in health fields is completely different from the other fields because the health work requires continuous follow up and continuous development , it needs rehabilitation and training courses for the health working staff so as to keep up with recent evolution in the health fields including training and rehabilitating the society midwives to provide better health services with good quality in which they provide health services for mothers and children who are considered the most important segments of the society , consequently we have to enhance their abilities , their practical and scientific skills to enable them to provide better health services as well as to reduce the mortality and morbidity rates among mothers and children . Due to shortage of this speciality in the directorates of the valley districts of Hadhramout Governorate while it is available in many other governorates , hereby we did our best to find a source of funding the training courses in midwifery in which these course are qualitative and so important to provide better health services to help in reducing the mortality rates among mothers and children .

  • تكلفة المشروع :

    21147 $

  • الفئة المستفيدة :

    Society Midwives

  • مكان التنفيذ :

    Seyoun District and its suburbs – Republic of Yemen

  • الجهة المنفذة :

    Seyoun Institute Of health sciences

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