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Al-hajrain Water Rehabilitation Project

  • نبذة عن المشروع :

    Al-hajrain Charitable water project is one of the greatest projects carried out in Al-hajrain District , the project was first founded by the man of charity Sheikh / Salem Bin-Mahfoudh ( God rests his soul in peace ) , the project supplies water for all the population of Al-hajrain District and its suburbs with fresh water via three artesian wells ( one of these water wells is out of order ) , the water is taken from these wells into a mountain tanks which is almost damaged then will be transported by a network of pipes ( damaged network ) ,the water will be then distributed for all the beneficiaries , because it is a significant and fundamental project as it is the only tributary of drinking water for the whole town ,therefore the idea of rehabilitation and maintenance of these water wells have been adopted by Al-awn foundation For Development

  • تكلفة المشروع :

    53000 $

  • الفئة المستفيدة :

    The population of Al-hajrain District

  • مكان التنفيذ :

    Al-hajrain District and its suburbs - Republic Of Yemen

  • الجهة المنفذة :

    Al-awn Foundation For Development

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