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Vocational Development Program For teachers

  • نبذة عن المشروع :

    This program mainly consists of four stages that aim to enable the teachers to devise computerized periods to make the education a participatory process which is not only limited for the teacher but also it will affect the students , the teachers will be taught the technics of dealing with the computer and the skills of presentation in addition to the use of internet as a safe educational mean in which the information and activities will be all shared in a participatory groups and websites that will encourage the teachers and the students to express their opinions , interact actively and make use of such information .

  • تكلفة المشروع :

    403685 $

  • الفئة المستفيدة :

    1080 Teachers ( Fale & Female )

  • مكان التنفيذ :

    Sana'a , Aden & Hadhramout

  • الجهة المنفذة :

    Al-awn Foundation For development .

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