Fields of work

The developmental Programs

Qualifying the graduates for the labor market

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    It mainly focuses on youths and building their capabilities in order to empower them economically via the proper special training in different vocational and professional fields plus funding their projects . The program named ( Al-shabab Amal ) ( The youths are the hope ) which gives more care for youths in particular those with low scores in high school so they couldn't complete their education in the university as well as the other program named ( Al-hayat Amel ) ( The life is a work ) which focuses on training the students who dropped out from schools by training them vocationally so that they can obtain skills that will enable them to get a job . The program named ( Giyadion) ( The leaders ) which focuses on building the capabilities of the universities Union .

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    (Al-hayat Amel ( Life is a work

    This program aims to train the students who dropped out from the schools by a vocation training to enable them to get a career for his future

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    (Al-shabab Amal ( The youths are the hope

    This program targets the graduates of the secondary schools who get scores and percentages that will not allow them to join the universities and program qualifies them vocationally in different fields that are required by the market of labor

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