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Talents Supporting program

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    This program supports the activities and programs that care of talented students and their entities in Hadhramout which is represented by the Academy of talented people in Seyoun District and other similar institutions , these bodies carry out variable programs and activities in different fields such as : The robots , Signing , painting , teaching mathematics e.t.c in a developed scientific way different from the public and private schools . Such educational bodies will participate in the competitions and the Arabic and International competition programs and they have already achieved advanced ranks , this program will also takes care of inventors and provides a better environment for them .

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    Activities & Programs of the Academy of talented Individuals

    Different activities in the following fields : Robots , Mathematics , Painting , Singing and theatre e.t.c

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    Supporting the scientific research centre of the Inventors Foundation

    A special centre for providing better environment s and equipment that will assist in conducting the scientific researches which will consequently will enable the inventors to experience their ideas & creativities .

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