29 7 / 2018
Funded by the Selah Foundation for Development and the Alawn Foundation for Development Launching of the Education Support Program for the secondary schools of Doa'n.

In the presence of the Director of the Department of Education Governorate / Du'en Mr.Salem Mubarak Baarama inaugurated Development of Du'An Center to support the education of seniority of the Directorate of Doa'n, funded by Selah Foundation for development, AlAwn Foundation, and Bazara development charity. It is implemented by Selah Foundation for Development under the patronage of the Governor of Hadramout Province, Maj. Gen. Faraj Salemin Al-Bassani and under the supervision of the Ministry of Education in the coast of Hadramout. At the ceremony, Mr. Ahmed Yasslam Ba'alfakhar delivered a speech in which he thanked the funding institutions of the program and praised the presence of the secondary departments targeted by the program and that this presence is evidence of your keenness to upgrade your educational institutions in all aspects, which will bring a qualitative leap in education in the Directorate, especially that the program contains training courses and Improve the school environment from laboratories, labs, computers, robots and others. On the other hand, the Director of the Education Department, Mr. Salem Mubarak Ba'arima delivered a speech in which he thanked the funding institutions of the program as well as the implementers. He called on the departments involved in the program to interact and work on its success and benefit from it as much as possible. And for further support of the advancement educational process in the Directorate. It is worth mentioning that this inauguration came after the signing of a memorandum of understanding and agreement for development of the secondary schools of Do'n and Al-Dulayah on June 3, 2018 at the Education Office in the Hadramout Coast, which was attended by Governor of Hadramout Province Major General Faraj Salman Al-Bahseni, Commander of the Second Military Region and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education. Jamal Salem Abdoun Director General of Education Office in Hadramout Coast. The meeting was attended by Mr. Salim Sulaiman Bancher, Director of the Department of Education of the Girls, Department of Education Badwan Supervisor of the program and Mr. Mohammed Al-Saqqaf Program Supervisor and Mr. Khalid Ahmed Humaid, Director of Educational Programs Department of the link and directors and Wakla and secondary teachers targeted.