29 7 / 2018
Funded by Al-Awn Foundation for development and Selah Foundation for Development Hadramaut Foundation for Autism concludes the sessions of the teachers of autism in the city of Sayoun

In the town of Sayoun, Hadramout Governorate, the training courses for the teachers of the Autonomous Centers and Societies in Siyoun City, Hadramout Governorate, were completed. During the last few days, the courses witnessed the visit of the donor, the ِAlAwn Foundation for Development and the Selah Foundation for Development, to review the progress of the training in the course , appraising the efforts of the Hadramout Foundation for Autism and the Coordinating Council for People with Special Needs in the Valley. In his turn, the Director of Programs and Projects in Aid Foundation for Development Mr. Mohammed Sabban stressed the importance of benefiting from these courses, which are needed by each teacher in this field because of the important literature related to the behaviors of dealing with autistic children in particular and scientifically through practical application with children in these centers to achieve the goal of establishing these courses in the valley and the coast. These courses were concluded one month after the start of the courses. They included three specializations: sensory integration, communication, skills development and behavior modification, benefiting 55 teachers from associations and centers of the disabled in Hadramout Valley to enable them to deal with this segment of children.