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The educational process in the health field is totally different from the rest of the sectors, in most cases, because the health work is in continuous development and pursuit. It needs to rehabilitate or train the working cadres to keep pace with the advancement taking place in the health field, including the rehabilitation of community midwives, who are the vital and essential segment in providing services with a high position, as it honors and provides its services to the most important sector of society, which is the segment of mothers and children, as they are the basis of society.. Therefore, we must raise their capabilities and scientific and practical skills to provide quality services, and thus contribute to alleviating the illness and deaths of mothers and newborns. The valley districts do not have this specialization, while there is a large number in other governorates, it is imperative for us to search for an entity or source of funding to establish these courses of great importance in striving to modernize and provide quality services and thus reduce maternal and child mortality rates.