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University girls in Hadramout Governorate
Republic of Yemen
Happy Family Charity Association

Technical training for the girl

The project aims to provide 60 female students with science and knowledge in some areas of technology, due to its great role in the life of contemporary society, which expands the awareness of girls about modern technology and the mechanisms for benefiting from it in public life and its role in improving the lifestyle of society. The project also aims to develop skills The experiences of the participants in several technical fields, including: (the field of designing websites, building mobile phone applications, and maintaining tours and computers), so that after the completion of the project, girls will be able to own a private job opportunity that allows them to work from their homes without the need for public markets and direct contact with owners Shops, research and work in a working environment that weakens their privacy and the privacy of their female customers. The project will also provide the initial bags for the field of work so that the girls can practice their work immediately after the completion of the project.