Jordanian Quality and Classification Experts Group In a visit to Al-Awn Foundation for Development


A delegation of Jordanian quality and classification experts from ( the International Testing Company ) visited Al-Awn Foundation for development in coordination with its presence in Hadramout governorate after the completion of the workshop of selecting the criteria of the national tool for assessment and classification of Yemeni universities held in Aden for the period from 1 to 2 July 2018. Mr. Abdulla bin Othman the Executive Director of Al-Awn Foundation received the Jordanian delegation , and took them on a tour of the sections of the Foundation during which he explained the role played by the Al-Awn Foundation for Development according to its strategic plan, through which he drew clear lines that are mainly concerned with sustainable development through continuous grants in support of educational, health and development projects. Building effective institutions capable of meeting the needs of society according to the highest international standards. The delegation expressed its appreciation for the institutional organization achieved by the Al-Awn foundation , arrangement and professional policy, institution and the great role played by the foundation in all fields by listening to the details of the work of the department staff and the mechanism used to accomplish the tasks assigned to each department and the procedures followed to achieve the objectives set by the aid organization Development in their specific strategies. The Jordanian team expressed their satisfaction with the warm welcome and the cooperation and facilities they received in Hadramout and praised the attention given by the Al-Awn Foundation for Development to ensure the quality of the outputs that will bring about a change in society.