A delegation from the Ministry of Education briefed the preparations of the talented academy in Sayoun to participate in the Arab Olympiad of Mathematics in November


A delegation from the Ministry of Education today met with the Minister of Education, Dr. Abdullah Salem Lemels, under the chairmanship of the Director General of School Activities in the Ministry, Mr. Abdul Salam Kassem Ismail, on preparations by the Academy of Talents to participate in the Arab Olympiad for Mathematics Olympiad. From 25 to 29 November 2018 as the representative of Yemen as the organization of the National Olympiad in Yemen. The delegation of the ministry listened to the director of the academy, Mr. Anwar Ali Bashgywan, explaining the mission and goals of the Academy in sponsoring talented and creative people in developing their hobbies and innovations and keeping up with modern science through close partnership with the Ministry of Education and its departments in the departments. That the Academy, through its sponsorship and support by Alawn Foundation for Development for all its programs and activities since its inception, has been able to represent Yemen in the Arab, Asian and international competitions, achieving advanced positions and raising the flag of Yemen as a trap over the podiums The Director General of the school activities in the ministry, Mr. Abdul Salam Kassem Ismail, said that the visit was commissioned by the Minister of Education Dr. Abdullah Salem Lemels to prepare for the team to represent Yemen from the students of the talented academy in the city of Sayoun in the Arab Championship for the Arab Olympiad of sports in Riyadh. In November. In a statement to the media, he said: "I was impressed by what I saw at the talented academy in Sayoun and what it does in sponsoring the gifted and creative students and even the children in the Al-Khawarizmi mathematics program. This is what I said when I was in one of the previous visits before unification to the GDR, there they had same centers , we were looking at it with difficulty and we wondered whether we can have in Yemen like it .Today we thanks God for achieving better centers than we have seen in various aspects, which is characterized that they occupy the students in their free time and blow up their creative energies.