Funded by Alwan Foundation for Development and Selah Foundation for DevelopmentHadhramaut Foundation for Autism Concludes the project to rehabilitate the teachers of autism with a ceremony honoring in city of Mukalla


On Saturday October 20, 2018 in the city of Mukalla, a ceremony was held on the occasion of the conclusion of rehabilitating the teachers of the Autonomous Communities and Centers project in Hadramout, Sahel and Wadi, funded by the Alawn Foundation for Development and the Selah Foundation for Development. In the ceremony, which was attended by Mr.Awad Ahmed bin Hamel -the Director General of the Mukalla Directorate, Mr. Abdalullah bin Othman-the Executive Director of the Alawn Foundation for development and Mr. Khalid bin Shehab-the Director of Community Development Department at Selah Foundation for Development, Mr. Abdullah Basemad- President of the Hadramout Foundation for Autism The ceremony began with a recitation from the Book of Allah and the Hadith of Sharif from the Sunah of Prophet Muhammad may peace be upon him ,was delivered by a student s and children of autism and then listened to a welcoming song and other of the Hadrami heritage and poem of the poet feeling well-deserved In the speech of the supporting bodies, Mr. Abdalullah bin Othman expressed his happiness and blessing for the achievement of the project, especially as it serves a very important issue, namely education and targeting a very important segment, also namely children with special needs who need attention and make every effort to enroll them in public education Safe and encouraging to be equal in the field of education. He added that there are some efforts being made by the local authorities and the education offices, but we still aspire to do more, thanking the great role played by the Hadramout Foundation for Autism towards this segment and thanked the persevering and eager teachers for their success. Dealing with the required form and modern scientific methods ,after study and application with the assistance of specialists in this field. In a speech ,The director of the Hadramout Foundation for Autism, Professor. Iman Al-Raidi, she talked about the progress of work during the six months period of the project and its achievements, including teachers, children and even mothers who were targeted with awareness lectures in which they created the science and know what each mother should treat her son. She urged female graduates to continue to work and continue to apply with each learned in their center and transfer the correct information to their colleagues, after they became trainers and were able to deal with children and assess the cases of each child as required by his /her condition. In addition, a special project’s report was presented at the ceremony. The report showed the stages and specialties, and clarified the mechanism of work in the project. It included interviews of specialists from the Arab Republic of Egypt and some beneficiaries of the project. In addition, there were two success stories, one presented an autistic child and other for an autistic teacher both of the stories unified the result and the project. The teacher became acquainted with this specialty and how to deal with his employees. The child is also how he became after dealing with him and implementing the programs that made him a child integrated into life. The ceremony was attended by Mr. Ahmed Hussein Al-Yahri, Director General of the Disabled Fund, Mr. Mohammad Ta'eeh, Chairman of the Disabled Union in Al-Mukalla Directorate, and AlSheikh -Abu Bakr Abdullah Ba-Gaber , one of the main supporters of the Hadramout Foundation for Autism. Finally, on the stage of the ceremony, the Hadramout Foundation for Autism honored the supporters of the project, Al-Alwan Foundation for Development and Selah Foundation for Development, thanked and gratitude. Ms.Amal Ibrahim -Specialist Skills Development and Behavior Modification. Ms.Mariam Ghanem, Specialist of Sensory Integration, has also been crowned with excellence in the project. The number of ten trainees in the three areas covered by the project is sensory integration, skills development, behavior modification and communication. In conclusion, certificates were distributed to the rest of the participants from the target centers in the project.