UNHCR and ALAWN sign an executive partnership agreement for refugee education in Aden and Lahij governorates


Today, February 7, 2022, the city of Aden witnessed the signing of an executive partnership agreement between Al-Awn Foundation for Development and the UNHCR for the project of educational activities for refugees and asylum seekers in the governorates of Aden and Lahj.
The agreement, supported by UNHCR and implemented by Al-Awn, provides the management of educational activities in the refugee camp in Kharaz camp, Lahj governorate, and the urban area in Al-Basateen, Aden governorate.
The project includes support for five schools and four fast-track classrooms accommodating 5,800 refugee students along with host communities.
This partnership confirms UNHCR’s interest in the education file in Yemen, and the importance of obtaining the education to be accessible to refugees in the camps. Al-Awn Foundation contributes to achieving this through multiple goals to enhance access to education, raise awareness and reduce dropouts.