Inauguration of training in the life skills project for girls at university of Seiyun


The Kuwait Hall, Sayun University, inaugurated the training activities of the life skills project for university girls in Hadhramaut for the year 2022, the second batch, which is funded by the Al-Awn Foundation for Development and Selah Foundation for Development and implemented by the Basma Foundation for Child and Women Development in partnership and coordination with Randa Institute for Training and Consulting.

The project came to meet the aspirations of the student in light of the changes and requirements of the labor market. It will also enhance the life skills of eighty female students in the colleges of education, girls at Hadhramaut and Seiyun Universities to help them better manage the transition from study to work within the 21st century skills that contribute to help them gain opportunities. The program will help them work after graduation and encourage local universities to adopt life skills courses within their undergraduate years.

The graduate students' desire and enthusiasm to engage in this project is clear evidence of the need for this segment for these skills represented in critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and administrative and financial planning.