Minister of Oil and Minerals: Al-Awn Foundation tops the pyramid of donor organizations in Yemen


The Minister of Oil and Minerals, Dr. Saeed Al-Shamasi, stated that Al-Awn Foundation for Development is on top of the pyramid of donor organizations in Yemen in the field of institutional excellence by targeting projects with sustainable goals.
Dr. Al-Shamasi pointed out that the Ministry of Oil welcomes the partnership of aid in the field of sustainable projects that achieve the concept of development, not the concept of dependence on others and the affirmation of poverty in remote communities.
n a telephone conversation with the Chairman of the Foundation's Board of Trustees, Sheikh Abdul-Ilah bin Mahfouz, Minister Al-Shamasi praised the efforts of Al bin Mahfouz in supporting development, explaining the ministry's keenness to closely monitor the development activity of the aid.
In turn, Sheikh Abdul-Ilah bin Mahfouz welcomed the visit of His Excellency Minister Al-Shamasi to the headquarters of the Foundation, stressing that Al-Aoun stands in one line with the government sector to achieve the goals of sustainable development.
For his part, the Executive Director of the Foundation, Dr. Abdellah Bin Othman, reviewed the Foundation's projects and programs during the current year and its strategic objectives that are compatible with the goals of sustainable development.
This year, Al-Awn Foundation received three visits to the Ministries of Education, Social Affairs, Labour, and Oil and Minerals, which confirms the governmental rapprochement with the Aid Foundation in the field of development.