3 6 / 2018
Under the patronage of the Governor of Hadramout Governorate Funding of Sela Foundation for Development, Al-Awn Development Foundation and Bazraa Charity Development Foundation Signing a memorandum of understanding and a project for the development of the secondary schools of Doan and Al-Dalea

on Sunday, June 3, 2018 Signed in the Office of Education on the coast of Hadramout Memorandum of Understanding and the project of the development of secondary levels of the departments of Doin and Al-Dalea . The signing was witnessed by the governor of Hadramout province, Major General Mr.Faraj Salmeen Al-Bassani, Commander of the Second Military Region and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education. Mr. Jamal Salem Abdoun Director General of Education Office in Hadramout Coast And Mr. Ali Bashmakh, Executive Director of Sela Foundation for Development. Mr.Abdulla bin Othman, Executive Director of the ALAwn Foundation for Development. Mr. Ahmed Belfakhar, Executive Director of Sela Foundation for Development, Doan Branch. The project is funded by Sela Foundation for Development, Al-Awn Foundation for Development and Bazraa Charity Development Foundation. The project aims to develop eight secondary schools in Doa'n and Al-Dalea .In a speech Mr.Al-Bassani, thanked the supporting institutions for their great role in strengthening the educational structure, especially with regard to the development side, which will include the establishment of scientific laboratories, which will contribute to raising the competencies of students and teachers alike,Praising the role played by civil society organizations in the aspect of education on which we depend and through which the province will raise its sons students who seek for education .Mr.Abdoun added that this project and other educational projects have achieved a lot of stability and educational development in the different schools of the province. Today, the role of Wadi Du'ain and Al-Dalea came through this remarkable project, which will add new quality to the educational process with the cooperation of the support of Alawn for development and Bazraa charity development. Also Mr.Bashmakh spoke about the project, which consists of two parts, the first section, "processing", in which secondary schools will be equipped with computer laboratories, laboratories and robot laboratories. The secondary will also be equipped with solar energy to meet the need of secondary electricity when not available from the main source.While the second section focuses on the training, which will be targeting the school departments with a range of personal and professional skills to improve their performance in schools and teachers will be trained on a series of courses that contribute to improve their performance and contribute to develop of their abilities to provide students with knowledge and experience and skills. For his part, Mr. Ben Osman spoke about the importance of the partnership which brought together these institutions to present this project and other projects that serve the society in the field of education in particular. He pointed out that besides the establishment of laboratories and laboratories there are specialized courses covered by the project which raise the qualifications of teachers and improve their performance. He thanked the local authority and the education offices for their efforts towards these projects and their role in their success and overcoming the difficulties that may occur during their implementation. signing the agreement was in presence of Al-Awn Foundation for development. Mr.Harith Bakhr Specialist for Partnerships and International Relations Mr.Salem Bamslam, Director of Educational Programs, Mr.Khaled Hamida Director of Educational Programs.Mr. Omar Bajaba Director of Health Programs. And Mr. Anwar Abdul-Da'im, Director of Training and Rehabilitation Department, Ministry of Education / Hadramout.