11 7 / 2018
Funded through Alawn Foundation for Development Taiba Foundation for Development and the Institute of Health Sciences inaugurate the community midwives program in Hadramout

On July 7, 2018, Arranged and conducted of the personal interviews to select candidates for the community midwifery program, which is supervised by the Ministry of Public Health and Population, Hadramout. This program will be implemented through Taiba Foundation in cooperation with the Al-Hajirin Cooperative Hospital and funded through Alawn Foundation for Development . The Health Sciences institute(Sayoun) will train the selected candidates . Mr. Ibrahim Al-Tamour- the Coordinator of programs and projects in the institution , started a general meeting with the students and welcomed them in the presence of Tiba foundation .Also he explained that the objectives of the Foundation from this program is to ensure a sufficient health staff in the remote areas For his part, Director of the Institute of Health Sciences in (sayoun) Dr.Mohammed Al-Radi said that the nature of the program will take into account the aspects of its theory and process which will raise the level of female students in the field of nursing, pointing out that the second program will take over three years . Dr. Mohamed Afif, Director of Al-Hajrin Hospital, also praised the students of program and explained the need of hospitals and the health centers for cadres of women , and added that health centers and hospitals in these areas as a whole suffers from a lack of women's caders. Dr. Ali bin Wathab, Director of Admission and Registration at the Institute spoke about the method of admission to the program and the mechanism of differentiation and selection. Finally, the interview process was conducted for all applicants from the committee consisting of Dr. Ali bin Thabab, director of admission and registration at the Institute. It is worth mentioning that the program targeted the following areas (Al-Hajrin - Hura - Wadi Al Ain - Rakhia) The inauguration of interviews was attended by Dr. Rabie Sabit Goff, Director of Nursing and the Institute's educational programs. Mr. Mohamed Badaoud, Director of the Institute's Director's Office