15 7 / 2018
Funded by Alawn Foundation for Development Hadramout Cancer Foundation (Amal) implements the first awareness camp in the Yabath Directorate

The first awareness camp was established by the Department of Programs and Projects at the Hadramout Foundation for Cancer Control (Amal), which was launched during the period (13 July to 14 July 2018) and aims to raise awareness among the community about the importance of early detection of breast cancer and the damage of Tobacco and qat. In the camp, three lectures were given for the early detection of breast cancer presented by Dr. Sumaya Baiishout, Dr. Sabreen Ba'asybah and Dr. Shefa Ba'ashan, in which 320 women benefited, followed by three lectures on psychosocial support for cancer patients presented by Ms. Sahala Bahaidra and Aswan Ba'asas. Also in the camp, a lecture was given on the harmful effects of tobacco and khat to men by more than 50 people, delivered by Engineer Mohammed Ahmed Bahabara, director of programs and projects at Hadramout Cancer Foundation, and in conjunction with the camp was conducted in the early detection clinic in two areas at the same time, where the examination of the number of 28 women, one case of suspicion transferred to the specialist. In addition to spreading the awareness and health education adopted by the Foundation within its programs, projects and various camps, permanent fixed banners have been suspended in the health center and more than 2000 educational booklets have been distributed. The Hadhramout Foundation for Cancer Control (Amal) extends its sincere thanks and appreciation to the Director General of the Directorate, who sends Professor Salah Bahakum and Dr. Sulaiman Bahnaf, Director of the Health Office, to support and provide them with facilities for the success of the camp.