29 7 / 2018
Funded by the Alawn Foundation for Development and in the presence of the local authority Tiba for Development launches the community midwifery program in Dua'an

Mr. Salim Ahmed Banakhar, Director General of Dua'an Directorate, together with Dr. Hani Al-Amoudi, Director General of the Ministry of Public Health and Population, Wadi Al-Sahraa, Mr. Saleh Banaemeh, Board Member of Taiba Foundation, Mr. Ahmad Hadijan, Hadramout launched the midwives community program funded by AlAwn Foundation for Development and under the supervision of the Ministry of Public Health and Population Office to maintain and coordinate a good institution for development, training and implementation of the Institute of Health Sciences Seiyoun. The program comes under the great care of the Ministry of Public Health and Population in the governorate to meet the shortage of women cadres in the health facilities by rehabilitating and targeting 20 female students in the ninth grade in the field of midwifery. The program comes within the strategic objectives of the Alawn foundation and Taiba for development in the field of training and rehabilitation, Sustainable development that will benefit them in the coming period. At the ceremony, Mr. Salem Bancher, Director General of the Directorate, conveyed the greetings of Major General Faraj Salmeen Al-Bahsani, Governor of Hadramout Region, Commander of the Second Military Region, thanking the supporting institutions and participating in their great efforts to provide health services through these specific programs, stressing the support and standing of the local authority alongside them in all activities. Programs and events For his part, Dr. Hani Al-Amoudi, to attend the launch of the community midwives program, targeting the girls of the Directorate of Wadi Al Ain, Hura, Rakhia and the historic city of Al-Hajer, appreciating the great efforts and generous support provided by Al-Awn and Taiba for the development of health. For his part, Mr. Saleh thanked the Foundation for AlAwn foundation for Development for their great support in many of health and educational programs that contribute to the building of the community and these important programs Al-Hajir Cooperative Hospital, which provides great services for the children of the displaced and neighboring areas. Dr. Mohamed Larzi, Director of the Institute of Health Sciences in Sayoun, explained the program's implementation plan, stressing the Institute's readiness to provide a distinguished teaching staff and will provide all facilities and study requirements for the success of this program.