The launch of the second summer exams for the specialized diploma program for the qualification of rural teachers – Rakhiya


Today, Wednesday, November 17, 2021, the second summer exams (the third period) were inaugurated within the (specialized diploma program 6 for the rehabilitation of rural teachers in Rakhiya district, Hadramout governorate), which is funded by Al-Awn Foundation for Development and Selah Foundation for Development. It was coordinated by Rakhiya Foundation for Development and implemented by Higher Institute for Training and Qualifying Teachers in Seiyun.


During the inauguration, the Executive Director of the Rakhiya Foundation for Development, the project officer, Mr. Faisal bin Qiran, and with him, the education sector official in the foundation, Mr. Tamim bin Ghanem, praised the generous support provided by the Al-Awn Foundation for Development and Selah Foundation for Development for their tangible interventions and efforts in the education sector as well as in various development and service fields in the district. The Executive Director thanked the implementing agency for the project, the Higher Institute for the Training and Rehabilitation of Teachers in Seiyun for their efforts, and urged the female students to make more efforts and study to achieve the desired results.


It is worth noting that 24 female students are subject to the third-period exams within the program in the disciplines: - (Class teacher _ Arabic _ Mathematics)