Inauguration of the third summer of the Specialized Diploma Program for the Qualification of Rural Teachers – Rakhiya


Yesterday, Saturday, December 11, 2021, the third summer activities (the first period) were inaugurated within the (specialized diploma program 6 for the rehabilitation of rural teachers in Rakhiya district, Hadramout governorate). It is funded by Al-Awn Foundation for Development and Selah Foundation for Development, in coordination by Rakhiya Foundation for Development and implementation of Higher Institute for Training and Qualifying Teachers in Seiyun.


During the inauguration, the head of the Rakheya Foundation for Development, Mr. Abdullah Shreim, indicated that today we are inaugurating the third summer “the first period” for the rural teachers project in the district in an atmosphere of enthusiasm and motivation from the students. He was praising the generous support given by Al-Awn Foundation  for development and Selah Foundation for their provision of all the requirements of the project, thanking them for their support in various educational and development fields in the district. Shreim and the Foundation's staff praised all the facilities made by the local authority and the Education Office in the district.


He stressed that this project, which everyone will soon see on the ground, and will fill the deficit in girls' schools in the district.


It is worth noting that more than 20 students participate in the specialized program (class teacher of Arabic language and mathematics).


The inauguration event was attended by the head of the Education Department at Rakhiya Foundation for Development, Mr. Tamim Omar bin Ghanem, and professors at the Higher Institute for Teacher Training and Qualification.