Signing two agreements to implement the life skills project in Hadhramaut and Aden


Every person who seeks success in life has to acquire many life skills and apply them in dealings and interactions with situations and others. The lack of life skills is one of the most important challenges facing female graduates of education colleges in Yemen, which makes it difficult for them to join the labor market and reduce unemployment rates.
For this reason, the idea of ​​the (Life Skills for University Girl) project came to provide female students of faculties of education in the governorates of Hadhramaut and Aden with specific skills that were selected based on international sources. These sources can help them to easily obtain job opportunities after graduation, as well as encourage local universities to adopt life skills courses within their university years. 
Two agreements were signed to implement this project, which targets 96 female students from colleges of education in 3 local universities in the governorates of Hadramout and Aden, between Al-Awn Foundation for Development represented by the CEO Dr. Abdellah Bin Othman, Basma Foundation for Child and Women Development represented by the Executive Director, Muhammad bin Obaidoun, and Youth Horizons Foundation in Aden Governorate, represented by the Executive Director, Mr. Iyad Mahdi.