Starting the implementation of a project to build a comprehensive primary health care center in the Al-Hijrin area of ​​Hadramout Governorate


In pursuit of the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center to create a comprehensive healthy environment, work has been launched on the project to build a comprehensive primary health care center, funded by the Salem Bin Mahfouz Foundation and with an executive partnership from Al-Awn Foundation for Development.
It is planned that the project will be completed on August 12, 2024, at a total cost of 5,771,250 Saudi riyals, and a total area allocated for the establishment of the project amounting to (9,169) square meters.
 The facility will work to provide quality services in the field of primary health care 24 hours a day for beneficiaries of both sexes in the city of Doan and expatriates from all governorates of the Republic.
 The center includes several specialized clinics for children, women, obstetrics, internal medicine, dental services, diagnostic services, immunization against infectious diseases, basic reproductive health services, essential medicines, epidemiological surveillance, and epidemic response, to improve the general health of the population of the targeted areas.