610 beneficiaries of primary health care services in the camps for the displaced within the mobile medical clinics project


Under the general supervision of the Public Health and Population Office and the Office of Social Affairs and Labor in Al-Mahra Governorate, Al-Awn Foundation for Development carried out a field visit to Nishtoun camp in Al-Ghaydah district to provide health services and free of charge treatments for the displaced.


This visit comes as part of the mobile medical clinics project implemented by the Foundation to meet the urgent need of citizens for health care in remote areas and camps for the displaced in light of the difficult living conditions the country is struggling through and to relieve the people of the trouble of traveling and the hardship of moving for treatment in the city.


Moreover, this descent is the first in the Al-Mahra Governorate within the framework of the Foundation's mobile medical clinic project. This project provides mobile medical clinics in different specialties, equipped with qualified healthcare staff. It includes a clinic for internal medicine, children, women, and childbirth, providing treatments and medicines. It was free of charge for all beneficiaries in the camp, who totaled (610) beneficiaries.