The Secretary-General of the Local Council in Al-Mahra Governorate: The developmental Tree has tasted its fruits in all the liberated governorates


The Secretary-General of the Local Authority in Al-Mahra Governorate, Mr. Salem Nimer, praised the positive impact of Al-Awn Foundation for Development projects and its focus on achieving sustainable development goals to reach its vision of shaping the desired future.
Expressing his appreciation for the efforts made by the Foundation in deepening its developmental presence in communities in need, such as Al-Mahra Governorate, he said, "The impact of the Foundation's projects on the educational side is clear and tangible, which made me keen to visit this edifice, which is the vessel for sustainable development in Yemen.".
During his visit, accompanied by Mr. Fayez Belhaf, Director General of the Office of Social Affairs and Labor in Al-Mahra Governorate, to the headquarters of the Foundation, as part of his visit to Hadramout to strengthen the relationship with the Foundation, who emphasized its remarkable presence in financing projects with a sustainable impact.
They were received by the Executive Director of the Al-Awn Foundation for Development, Dr. Abdullah bin Othman, who toured the Foundation's departments, getting acquainted with the Foundation's most prominent stations since its establishment in March 2006.
Bin Othman confirmed the institution's keenness to renew the ISO certificate to ensure the institution's progress in planning and financing projects following international standards in institutional practices. He indicated that the institution will complete its five-year plan this year and is in the process of putting the final touches to the next five-year plan under the directives of the sustainable development goals and measuring the impact of its projects. Funded during the past years and their suitability for the institution's mission.
Dr. Abdullah reviewed the most major strategic projects during the current year, foremost of which are educational projects, stressing that education is the first nucleus for the advancement of societies and that progress and prosperity can only be achieved by understanding the concept of education in its various forms.