Starting with the new Gregorian year... thirty influencers accompany Al-Awn to see its strategic projects in Doan and Seiyun


At the beginning of the new Gregorian year, Al-Awn Foundation for Development launched the activities of the Influencer Forum, which included 30 influencers of both sexes in various fields from different regions of Hadramout Governorate.
This forum comes within the program plan of the Department of Public Relations and Media in the Foundation to build strategic awareness of the development aid goals aimed at bringing about positive change in society.
The forum lasted for two consecutive days. On the first day, a visit took place to the Salem Bin Mahfouz National Schools project, which is the nucleus of the institution’s launch towards development, specifically in the field of education. An inch of the homeland from the establishment of these schools, which compete today with the largest schools in the Arab world.
The pioneers of the forum were also briefed on the Hajrin water project with solar energy, in order to address the problem of lack of water for the residents of Hajrin and nearby areas, contributing with the government sector in providing fresh water and environmentally friendly renewable energy.
In addition to the Foundation's direction in paying attention to the foundations of community health through building a primary health care center funded by the Salem Bin Mahfouz Foundation and in partnership with the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center, where the project engineer presented the visitors with the rationale for the project, which will be a model in the field of primary health care at the national level. .
The influencers’ procession went to Seiyun and went to the Teacher’s Club to get acquainted with its components. An entertaining interactive evening was held in it and an extensive discussion panel about social impact and refuting the qualities that must be available in the influencer in order for integration to occur with civil society organizations and help, one of which is in addressing and advocating for societal issues, and the issue of education and health lies at the fore. Al-Awn interests through the projects it targets until it has won the confidence of major international organizations such as the UNHCR, the German Agency for International Development (GIZ), the Islamic Development Bank and the King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Action, which confirms that the Foundation has achieved international standards in the field of sustainable development.
During the second day of the forum, the delegation visited the Gifted Academy Foundation, which was established by Al-Awn to become today an international representative of the gifted in Yemen and won international awards in the field of robotics, inventions, mathematics and the English language through multiple participations at the regional and international levels.
While the delegation concluded its program with an official visit to the Undersecretary of the Governor of Hadramout for the Affairs of the Valley and Desert Directorates, Mr. Amer Al-Amiri, as his first meeting after gaining the confidence of the political leadership with a delegation consisting of thirty male and female influencers from various fields of societal influence, who have the honor of organizing it, Al-Awn Foundation, in the framework of strengthening the relationship with the government sector With the aim of placing the agent in front of the aspirations and hopes of young people to move Hadramout from the square of stability to the square of prosperity.
In a special statement, the Executive Director of Al-Awn Foundation for Development, Dr. Abdullah bin Othman, indicated that the Foundation encourages influential youth to be soldiers to achieve the desired development in society, noting the Foundation's readiness to facilitate and provide all support for programs and projects that will support influential youth in bringing about positive change.
For his part, the public relations specialist, Mr. Abdullah Muqidhan, confirmed that this experiment could be followed by multiple other versions of influencers in Hadramout governorate, with the aim of raising their capabilities and directing them towards meaningful and developmental influence, so that they can invest in their opportunities to spread on social networking sites and their societal acceptance in advocating for societal issues and bringing about integration in the third sector to represent them. The fourth sector of society.