The UNHCR delegation confirms the model of Al-Awn Foundation in development work


A delegation from the High Commissioner for Refugees in Yemen was briefed on the activities of Al-Awn Foundation for Development, including the UNHCR projects implemented by the Foundation, during their visit to the Foundation's headquarters in Mukalla.
The delegation was received by the Executive Director, Mr. Abdullah Muqidhan, who reviewed the most prominent activities of the Foundation and its strategic goals aimed at achieving the goals of sustainable development.
The delegation's visit comes to see on the field the conditions of the students enrolled within the Albert Einstein Academic Initiative for Refugees (DAFI) grants.
The UNHCR delegation, which included Anwar Jarad, Rami Aoun, Hisham Salem and Taher Ebeid, praised the exemplary development work in the institution and the success of the educational partnership between the institution and the UNHCR in supporting refugees and enrolling them in education so that they can obtain their right to education in accordance with the provisions of international human rights laws.