The Governor of Hadhramaut reviews the strategic development experience of the Al-Awn Foundation in the historic city of Al-Hajrain


The Governor of Hadhramaut, Mr. Mabkhout bin Madi, reviewed the development experience of the Al-Awn Foundation for Development in the city of Al-Hajrain through its major strategic projects in health and education.
During his visit, Mr. Mabkhout bin Madi was briefed on the construction work of the primary health care center funded by the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center and with an executive partnership from the Awn Foundation for Development.
Acting Executive Director, Mr. Abdullah Muqaydhan, confirmed the directions that the Al-Awn Foundation aims to bring about positive transformation in the Hijra community and the Doan District in general by designing strategic projects in health, education, and water to complete the trinity of life for the residents of this rural area in Hadhramaut.
The project manager, Engineer Ibrahim Khan, reviewed the components of the project, which is being built on an area of 1,550 square meters and at a total cost of 5,771,250 Saudi riyals, with a completion rate of 71.15% as the first primary health care center at the level of the liberated governorates, aiming to achieve health well-being by chanting: Prevention is better than cure.
The Director General of Salem Bin Mahfouz National Schools, Mr. Muhammad Hassan, pointed out that the schools are one of the largest educational models nationwide, providing comprehensive and integrated educational services in accordance with the best global standards and international practices in teaching methods, with funding from Alawn Foundation for Development, in order to achieve the goals of sustainable development.
The Awn Foundation for Development will launch the year 2024 with a new five-year strategy targeting development directions in primary health care, technical education, vocational training, and empowering civil society organizations to combat poverty in Yemen.